Hawaiian Hiwa Kai

Hiwa Kai Hawaiian Black Sea Salt

Uses:    drink rimmer, salt shakers, snack topping, spice blends, garnished ceviche, Kailua pork, BBQ sauces & rubs.

Description: A unique Hawaiian-inspired sea salt, with a stunning black color and silky texture. This all-natural salt offers the same bold flavor and hearty texture as a traditional sea salt, but with an added beauty and intrigue that’s indicative of gourmet foods. W itha Pacific sea salt base, Hiwa Kai is created by combining high-quality sea salt with activated charcoal from the shells of coconuts, resulting in this unusual seasoning with its rich, dark color & jagged, hard granular texture.   Hiwa Kai is popular for both its stunning garnish to dishes such as ceviche, as well as on the rim of a glass. An attractive, topical salt, the dense crystals of Coarse grain Hiwa Kai are ideal for topping chocolates and other confections, while Fine grain is the perfect size for packaged snack foods or on the table at fine dining restaurants or the home.

5.25 oz / 148.8 grams

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