Cooking With Olive Oil

Olive oil is a staple of many kitchens. It's versatile, it has a long shelf life, and it can be used to cook almost anything. But how do you know which olive oil to use? And what are the benefits of cooking with olive oil?


Olive oil has a very low smoke point, which means that it should be used for cooking at lower temperatures. (The highest smoke point among all the oils is avocado oil.) Olive oil is best used in cold dishes, such as salad dressings or dips, where its delicate flavor can be fully appreciated. If you do decide to use olive oil for cooking, try to avoid high heat and keep the temperature low so that you don't lose any of its health benefits.

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Smoke Point

While you can use a thermometer to test the temperature of your olive oil, it's also possible to tell whether or not it's reached its smoke point by simply observing the color and smell. The higher your smoke point is, the less likely you are to see any particles floating in your oil while it cooks. Aim to avoid seeing the olive oil smoke during cooking.

Flavor Addition

The flavor addition is the biggest benefit of cooking with olive oil. Olive oil, in particular, has a distinct and pleasant flavor that's often used to replace butter or other oils. It can be used in place of those other oils when cooking, baking, and sautéing to add an extra flavor. Try our infused olive oils for delicious flavors that help make your next meal stand out.

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Olive Oil As A Dressing

You can use it to cook a whole meal, or you can use it as a salad dressing. Olive oil can be the star (or role-player) of any dish you want it to be. As a salad dressing, it works well with a variety of ingredients and brings out the best flavors in your greens. Whether you choose something creamy, like a milder-tasting olive oil that won't overpower your salad. Or spice up a zesty salad with some garlic or chili-infused options. Needless to say, we've got olive oils to pair with every salad imaginable. Don't forget the balsamic vinegar!


Olive oil is an excellent ingredient to work with when cooking. It's flavorful and healthy, but you should be careful not to overheat it. There are several ways that olive oil can be used in your kitchen including drizzling some on top of a meal after it's done so it finishes off with a hint of deliciousness. You could even use olive oil as part of the recipe itself like baking cookies or making burgers on the grill which will give them an extra boost of flavor with minimal calories. When it comes to olive oil, the possibilities are endless. We are here to support the journey with the best olive oil around. Be sure to check out our B&O recipes at