We believe eating should be an experience, not just an exercise of habit. We think food should excite your palate! We know great tasting meals begin with fresh, high quality ingredients. That's why we follow the sun to provide you with the freshest Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the world. From July - December we source our oils from the Southern Hemisphere. January - June you can expect our oil to come from the Northern Hemisphere. We know you can taste the difference and the chef in you deserves the best! 

Both our white and dark balsamic vinegar have zero added sugars. All the flavor and sweetness you taste occurs naturally in the aging process. Our selection of white balsamic vinegar is aged 12 years and our dark balsamic vinegar is aged 18 years. 

Let your cooking excite you and find the perfect oil and vinegar pairing for every meal!

Local? Come to one of our two locations and enjoy our tasting rooms. Click "stores" in the navigation menu. 

"The Ultra Premium standard is reserved for the finest extra virgin olive oils in the world, as such, the UP grade exceeds all existing European, Italian, Spanish, Greek, North American, Californian, or any other standard for the grade known as extra virgin olive oil. In order to qualify for the UP grade, the extra virgin olive oil must meet or exceed a comprehensive set of Production, Storage, Transportation, Testing, Chemistry, and Organoleptic requirements."