Asian Salad with Salmon


2 salmon steaks

2 carrots, sliced

½ c. dried apricots, halved

½ head napa cabbage, shredded

1 sm head red cabbage shredded

¼ c diced sweet onion

¼ c. serrano honey vinegar

¼ c. persian lime evoo

¼ tsp thai ginger salt


½ c. toasted almonds



-season salmon with salt and pepper

-cook 8-10 minutes in broiler or barbeque

-in bowl, wisk together oil, vinegar salt and pepper to taste

-toss ½ the dressing in a large bowl with napa & red cabbage,

carrots, onion, almonds and apricots

-divide among 4 plates, top with half a salmon steak

- drizzle the remaining dressing on top of salmon


*martha stewart inspired recipe

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