Applewood Smoked Salt

Applewood Smoked Salt

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Applewood Smoked Sea Salt

Uses: Drink Rimmer (bloody mary), spice blends, finishing salt for salmon, pork, chicken, lamb & bacon

Description:   A small flake sea salt, cold smoked with aged apple wood. This smoked variety brings a slight smoky sweetness appropriately complemented by its subtle crunch. One of the most popular fruit woods used in smoking, the small flake texture lends itself to a variety of uses. All-natural smoking process ensures authentic smoked flavor, without the bitterness of artificial flavorings. The light flakes incorporate nicely into blends and rubs, but also provide a delicious salty & smoky flavor when used topically or as an ingredient in snacks, frozen foods, or confections and with preparations of lighter meats, like pork & poultry.

2.5 oz / 70.8 grams