Smoked Serrano Pepper Salt

Smoked Serrano Salt

Uses: drink rimmer (bloody mary),  sweet and traditional salsas & sauces, BBQ sauces & rubs, over fruits for a twist (mango).

Description: Using mature, red Serrano peppers that have been slow smoked to perfection;   Smoked Serrano Sea Salt flawlessly captures the milder, smoky spice flavor of this popular pepper. Ideal for applications that demand a more mild spice profile, this all-natural sea salt contains no artificial additives, and has a woodsy, deep aroma with subtle notes of berry.   A tasty yet versatile choice for any cook looking to expand their flavor profiles. Excellent for BBQ spice rubs & blends, on the rim of a Bloody Mary, on top of a chocolate for a delicious spicy twist or sprinkled over a mango.

4.3 oz / 121.9 grams

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